Welcome to the 7-Star Invitational Series!  This event series is a combination of efforts between seven of the biggest Dragon Ball Super Card Game stores in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas!

The event series will be held from April 15th until June 25th with a series of qualifiers at each of the participating stores.  At the end of the qualifying season, the top 8 players from each qualifier will receive an invite to the Invitational Finals at Dream Wizards on July 21st!  The final will include fantastic prizes including a special trophy and custom, exclusive playmats for the Top 8!

This site will serve as the hub for all information regarding the 7-Star Invitational Series.  Check back here for a list of the qualifying players, Top 8 decklists from each qualifying event, and news about upcoming prizes!


What is This?

The DMV 7-Star Invitational is a series of events sponsored by all of the biggest Dragon Ball stores across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia and it’s going to be awesome! Players will first compete in a series of qualifier events across all seven of the sponsoring stores with the Top 8 players from each event earning an invite to the grand final in July! Each qualifier will have its own prize pool with the Invitational promising one-of-a-kind rewards and the bragging rights of being the greatest fighter in the DMV! We want to show the rest of the Dragon Ball Super community that the DMV is the Strongest Under the Heavens and you can claim all of that glory for yourself!

Who’s Involved?
The DMV 7-Star Invitational is a combined effort between Dream Wizards, The Island Games, MTGFirst, Curio Cavern, SuperStar Card Gaming, LANslide, and Guild Gaming!

How Do I Qualify?
Qualifiers will take place starting April 15th and ending on June 25th. The Top 8 players from each event will qualify for the Invitational Grand Final at Dream Wizards in July. In addition, first place of each qualifier will earn a 1-round bye to the Invitational! If you’re worried about a small group of players hording the invitations, don’t! If a player has already received an invite, any other invites they earn will pass down to the next eligible person based on final standings! If you’ve already earned an invite, you can keep playing and earn extra prizes including a 1st round bye to the Invitational!

Speaking of Prizes…
Each qualifier will have its own prize structure, as dictated by the sponsoring store. Entry fee for each qualifier will be around $25 with a small part of that fee going into the Invitational prize pool. We’ll be rolling out Invitational prizes in the coming weeks, but we can guarantee the following:

-EXCLUSIVE DMV 7-Star Invitational playmats for the Top 8!
-One-of-a-kind trophy for the winner to PROVE that they are the BEST in the DMV!
-Additional swag (TBA) for everyone EXCLUSIVE to this event!
-A deep and fantastic prize pool provided by your favorite game stores!

When Is This Happening?
We’re working out the final details on a couple of the qualifiers but keep your calendars open! Our plan is to have one qualifier available on most weekends in the event window.  Click here to see the full list of qualifiers!

The Grand Final Invitational will be held tentatively on July 21st. We wanted to make this event coincide with the release of Set 4 so the best players in the DMV can battle it out with BRAND NEW CARDS!

What if I Don’t Qualify?
We’ve got you covered! We’ll be running side events all day for those who don’t qualify or those who get knocked out early! Win-a-Boxes, Drafts, and maybe something else special will be firing on-demand all day!

Wrapping It All Up
Play in an Invitational Qualifier event from April 15th to June 25th, Top 8 one of those events and earn a spot in the Invitational! If you win a Qualifier, you’ll also earn a 1-round bye to the final! On July 21st, compete against the best players in the area for all the glory, bragging rights, and PRIZES!

So jump in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, throw on some weighted clothing and get ready to GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND in the premiere DBS event this summer!